Is anyone hoping that EA loses the rights to madden if the contract is up?

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Is anyone hoping that EA loses the rights to madden if the contract is up?

EA is the company. Nothing but money grabbers who don't give 2. To get for being routine, 2 draft packs is BS. To try to sell those"two for 1 draft bunch" knowing you are gonna pull nothing but silvers and 86s. And above all you release particular challenges to perform during the draft where you can get 86-98 draft Madden NFL player and mut coins madden 20 I pull 4 directly 86s?! Absolutely devastating. Don't get me started on gameplay. Am I likely to play with madden again? Absolutely. Can I fall for EAs money grabbing schemes and poor gameplay? Absolutely. Am I really a clown for ranting but giving EA exactly what they want? Absolutely.

Trust me, you do not want 2k into a football match together with the rights. The servers are horrible. Every match you get kicked out of my team and find a reduction. It is like DC glitch but 10x worse. 2k was bad, it was why I switched to madden. And should you think stats are way too high today, Shaq and Ben Simmons can take threes. And contracts. And they're possibly even more cash hungry than EA. 40k VC for a sweatshirt? Really? We shit on EA a great deal but let me tell you from experience, I would rather have EA compared to 2k.

The thing is, mostly cosmetic shit is sold by 2K. Playing career mode will get you more than sufficient coins to stay boosted, although they have boosts it is possible to buy. Plus, while they have a coin system to level up, you need to mill to unlock the update slots so that you can't just buy your way to dominance once you get beyond the first couple of upgrades. About the only advantage money provides is if you preorder and get all the coins that includes it, you can update your Madden NFL player to ~80 something. But past that you have to play to improve.

I've been hoping for years. Ea Gameplay is crap. Folks try comparing their nba match. When was last time a soccer match was left by them? Folks rave about it and one is how old? Provide a match to me. The fact is that it doesn't matter whether its 2k or even EA, if there is a massive corporation that puts out the only soccer game each year, they are only going to buy Mut 20 coins put out the bare minimum of a product which will still earn them maximum profits. If there's absolutely no competition and a great deal of cash to be produced, any company will be more scumy.