Tyre Burst: Causes And Prevention

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Tyre explosion occurs when your car tyre loses its internal strength and is not able to hold the air pressure inside it.

The pressurised air escapes from the tyre, tearing the outer wall of the tyre, making you lose control over your vehicle. Therefore, it is important to know the reasons behind tyre burst as it will help you to avoid them. 

Mentioned below are the common causes of tyre burst:


Studies show that seventy-five per cent of tyre bursts occur due to under-inflation. Underinflated tyres have more contact patch with the road and because of this, the friction increases. Friction is directly proportional to the heat build-up within the car tyre. This heat build-up is way more than when you are driving on a hot summer day leading to tyre burst and you losing control over your vehicle. 

Get your inflation level inspected from your nearby fuel station and if it is less than the recommended air pressure gets it filled. The suggested air pressure is mention in the car manual or on the sidewall of the tyre. Also, change the tyre valve cap after that. This valve cap gets rusted after a period of time leading to loss of air pressure. 

Vehicle overloading

The results of overloading are similar to those of under inflation. It leads to flexing of the outer wall of your car. The extra weight transfers the load to the bottom of your car that is the tyres. Increased contact patch causes heat build-up that can cause tyre burst. 

Never overweight your automotive because cars are built to bear certain weight, these details can be found in the manual of your car.

High speed

Car tyres are manufactured with specific materials that can withstand a certain speed limit. If the speed goes beyond that limit, it causes friction. Moreover, it disturbs the structure of the tyre leading to a tyre burst.

You must always know the speed rating suggested for your tyres; it is mentioned on the sidewall of your tyre. Drive according to that, it will also help you in improving the durability of your tyre. Also, speed rating and load index of tyres go hand in hand. Therefore, make sure to keep these two aspects in the balance as well.

Bad road conditions

There are high chances of a tyre blow out when you hit an object down the road, such conditions are inevitable. However, you can take precautions like driving slow. If you are someone who prefers safety over cost then you must buy tubeless tyres as these are made up of good quality rubber and do not have a tube inside. Moreover, you can drive a certain distance with these tyres even if the tyre is punctured. 

These were all the common causes of tyre burst. Buy good quality tyres to avoid circumstances like these. Firestone Tyres are a good example of high-quality tyres. To keep your tyres in good shape, do a regular inspection of tyres and maintain the suggested air pressure.