Worst part is you can not even teleport from the more recent bosses

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Worst part is you can not even teleport from the more recent bosses

I've had enough with switch scape, and half of my keyboard. Seriously you have ta utilize ring of vigour when you use an alt, switch to asylum then change to lotd when you finishing the kill (you got 10 fingers). Switch to gram staff to spec. Switch to RS gold another dps armour style at much more and solak. It has very annoying boss mechanisms on all the new bosses, because they're all instant kills or 2 instant kills. Worst part is you can not even teleport from the more recent bosses, even once you know your gonna die. Idk, nearly all of my bossing was super fun. I'm assuming real"switchscape" only applies to a number of large telos, solak, vorago, kk or rots where dps checks may simply do too much harm with no, since I have never needed to use more than a shield switch for defensives at all the other supervisors, if even that.

EOC process is fine in RS3 and enjoyable to use. What was lost in the years since is the quirkiness of RuneScape which makes it unique as a MMORPG (even osrs does not really capture the quirks and nuances of this"greatest" version of RuneScape within my eyes). Certain developments removed idiosyncrasies and replaced them with dull content. For instance: the release of Divination as a new"ability". Where's the magic, the suspense, the action in divination that virtually every other gathering ability has? I feel that Jagex was trying too hard when they set out divination and today, invention (don't even get me started on that crap skill).

Reading what you're saying about divination, I think you might enjoy archeology. It makes you really want to continue training and discover new stuff.

Jmods in osrs and RuneScape 3

Why have aims to upgrade your gear in any way, better to simply stop progressing. Absolutely fucking dumb justification for our ever-increasing passing expenses. And no this is not saying we should have no death cost, like Five-O stated, it ought to just be capped as the OSRS one will be. It is not even an option unless you just ring switch continuously, in which case you're sitting in a 50/50 of having to cover an insane uncapped death cost. They can't release a new ring with a passive. Rod replaced asr for ALL utilizes when death costs creeped their own way to the 3-5m for average single fashion setups. It's simply not realistic unless you're fuckin Couchy or something.

Common sense is tough apparently. It's the exact same mentality you apply to the wilderness and other dangerous areas. Also you're completely missing the circumstance. OSRS currently has 0-cost deaths, outside of handful of places which you pay 50-100k regardless of what you had on you when you died. Possessing a scaling cost is more punishing, but it is the exact same system in RS3. You didn't see Day1 Solak teams attracting full hybrid swaps and devoting up to 10m. You saw many people focusing on cheap OSRS gold a single style, with RoD, etc.. That's how learning is supposed to be. As soon as you're more comfortable, you drop food/supplies for more harm, swaps, etc.. Which is the cycle the statement suggests. Try learning instead of trying to perform top-efficiency kills.