This animal crossing Lego set may become acute reality

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons provided a perfect home environment for many people during the coronavirus outbreak. Now, the game may spread to another family hobby. The fan-designed version of Nook Cranny can become a real Lego toolkit as long as it has enough support in Lego Ideas.

Nook's Cranny is an in-game shop, run by Timmy and Tommy, their business is an integral part of the life of Animal Crossing. Here, islanders can make money by selling ACNH Nook Miles Tickets (game currency) for everything from carrots and pears to poultry houses, and then spend some money to buy everything from surfboards to harps.

The Lego model was created by a designer designed by Micro_Model_Maker, requires less than 1,000 parts, and faithfully represents the blue-roofed store, and is equipped with an outdoor dropbox and a designed interior. The creator only included a small character model at the beginning and was able to add Timmy and Tommy models by himself.

Anyone can submit a model idea to the Lego Ideas blog, but 10,000 people must support the idea to advance it to Lego's formal consideration. During this review period, Nook's Cranny was one of 35 different models to be improved.

So far, all projects including Nook's Cranny will be reviewed by a team of Lego designers and other employees who will build conceptual models and determine which projects are worth bringing to market. Nook's Cranny trades goods, if you don't have more energy to trade, you can also Buy ACNH Bells or others on