My first construct for every 2K I attempt to have as much of a career

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As lovers of 2K21 MT what they have done for a fantastic hoops game we are left without litlte options because another game that has their permit and cash is not up to the business snuff to rebuild also. But this is a forum where we talk about what could and needs to be improved this is. The marketplace should be driven by the fans in concept. No game will be ideal, they will need development, but that is also a thick line between that and allowing some detail fixes that are simple to go on for a few decades as though they didn't examine the manners.

Great myCareer idea

You should be able to give your teammates highfives and stuff like that on the court. In LeBron is dunked on by my teammate I should be able to get my participant emote favorably. You also need to be able to shout out to your teammates, such as:"shoot that next time" or"I was open""remain home on your guy""post that man up" etc etc etc.. If you regularly yell for some man to play out of his match, such as: telling a non shooter to take or a lousy defender to stop letting guys go by themyour teammate chemistry with that player should go down and vice versa if you are consistently supporting them.

This can be such a great idea, maybe you could use a headset to speak to them, it would probably be hard to implement but that would be awesome. The headset idea is amazing, I never thought of this. To me literally being able to say"nice pass" or even"fine defense" goes a very long way. Else they could do it or exactly, they can either do that with voice commands the way rocket league does it. This makes a lively, personal relationship with your teammates in a way that the pre-made cutscenes can't accomplish. While being fine encourages teammates to remain with the team by taking paycuts if you're constantly a jerk teammates need to be able to request trades.

Can't agree more. My first construct for every 2K I attempt to have as much of a career as possible, so I usually play with at least 2-3 seasons and having the ability to interact with players or at least having an actual story are a dream. Building friendships and rivalries with whoever you want and being able to start a fight, becoming ejected or visiting someone like Draymond go nuts would be so entertaining. And if the commentators wouldn't tell me their life story but really comment on NBA 2K21 like COMMENTators are supposed to, then the total MyCareer would feel really lively, fun and even offers replayability, instead of simply grinding your new build and using an avg. Of 75/25/15 every match with Shaq congratulating me on my Buy MT 2K21 double double.