The release of POE Heist attracted many adventurous people to join

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The latest POE league has released by GGG four days ago. The new league, called Heist, differs from the previous league mechanism, which is also in line with the consistent, innovative style of the POE game team. We well know it they will launch a new league every three months. The POE Heist League is a league based on robbery. It requires players to form a team of thieves to snatch treasures to get POE Currency and precious treasures.

There are many unique items and functions in Heist. There are 13 NPCs who have different backgrounds and advanced skills for players to visit. And they can also equip new handmade items. Players can go to them for some advice before planning a specific robbery plan, which will be more secure. The game team recommends that players pay attention to rallying thieves with unique abilities to facilitate the robbery when forming a team.

In Rogue Harbor, players can encounter various thieves with various abilities. They can choose the right thieves according to their needs and economic strength. New item types include replacement quality gems, replica unique items, thief’s accessories, experimental base types, armor and weapon enchantments. Seven new skills and modifications to existing curses, spells and steel skills. In addition, there are over 25 new unique items, a new device slot for accessories, finally available on macOS.

Before the official POE Heist, players must update the game before entering the game. A new league of excitement and adventure has arrived. Players are very necessary to Buy POE Exalted Orb and POE Items. Go ahead, warriors from POE’s hard work!