Drive people towards microtransactions

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To see him attest through these familiar places of classic gold to threaten the Stormlands and Orgrimmar and the Vale and this influence reshaping this planet and everything that could mean, and the effect that him boring into the minds of these characters we care about and wish to fight for -- seeing exactly what the repercussions are of all that, it's going to be a lot of fun from a story standpoint. Whatever the result of the threads will carry forward for quite a long moment. It gives us a few great stories.Blizzard Adds Exclusive Flying Rat Mount To World Of Warcraft Throughout Subscription Promotion

Blizzard continues to include benefits to drive people towards microtransactions. This time, they've seen fit to add an mount for everyone who purchases a subscription. Even though it's possible to purchase subscriptions via gold earned in game by buying a WoW Token in the auction house, the majority of players still get their subscription to the sport by buying it with their money.

In the event that you expect to be playing for another six months, what's with purchasing all six months at once the issue? It ends up being more economical than if you'd bought it by the end of it. This way you do not just save a little money, but find a rat that wow gold classic buy cheap is flying that is cute! The Classic servers will not receive this bracket, and even if they did, flying doesn't exist on the Classic servers.

Additionally, it is great that Blizzard continues to respect the integrity and spirit of the Classic servers. If all of a sudden a gnome goes sprinting by to a rat the feeling of the 2004 servers would be gone. Maintaining the mounts and all other decorative items loyal to the original servers for Classic is a fantastic showing by Blizzard to maintain these Classic servers in which the fans need them.