The evaluation of NBA 2k21 among players is not optimistic

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NBA 2k21 is the worst game ever: NBA 2k21 has received a lot of criticism. The fan base feels like the latest version of NBA 2K, but it complements the old version. Reddit is also full of hysterical comments on NBA 2k21.

NBA 2k21 caused a lot of severe negative reactions on Reddit. Players have been complaining about multiple problems, and the existence of server problems is obviously a multiplayer game mode. There are also many people claiming that this game is too similar to last year's game except for NBA 2K21 MT. Many game critics claim that it feels like a patch for NBA 2K20.

However, the real fun begins when the reddit stream starts to say "NBA 2K21 on Steam is criminal". NBA 2K21 has been marked as a crime category on Steam, and many people think it is worth it. The reason is that 2K21 is just a patch for NBA 2K20, and many people think that the price of $60 is too high.

In addition, there are many complaints from hackers in the PC version of the game. However, most people think that updating content patches and retouching pictures for $60 is a crime.

Similarly, the changes in Buy 2K MT have also attracted people's attention. We can understand that 2K hopes to make points more difficult, but it is not necessary. In fact, many players and even professionals think that shooting is really difficult.

However, the overall conclusion is that NBA 2K21 is too similar to NBA 2K20, although the MyTeam and Career modes have been changed and upgraded. It really doesn't make you say: "Oh, I really want to get it." The problem is, if you don't like last year's 2K, then you definitely don't want to do it.