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NA localization resembles a rush job though. If they already had it written or were using an older translation as a foundation, they did not spend nearly enough time on it. Gods be operative. Apparently they were interpreted in accordance with Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta regional knowledge/culture, and therefore those dumb names. Like come on there's some dumb script problems in the game here and there but that the Arks-Layer translation is simply serviceable, not worthy of being put up on a pedestal over an official translation effort. Yes, it is, because unlike the official translation, it really translates things. (No offence to his VA, he does his job fine, but his Voice director was GARBAGE, also whomever chosen to give him a thick British accent, and have him be the only person,y'understand, Americans say"Mate" too)

Unless they abruptly re-quadrupled their efforts after I stopped playing Ep6, there were holes in the Arks-Layer translation you could push a ship through. Remember this as an addendum into the following points: The absence of flavor text on equipment is unsatisfactory but a result of the magnitude of distributing such a large volume of content in this short period. TBH, the loss is a little one given just how much equipment is going to get cycled into irrelevance. Glitches were abound in the fan translation also, but they got about eight years to always get bug reports. How many individuals here actually attempt sending tickets through the pso2 website rather than meme on reddit? I am pretty sure a service ticket was how the gods be operative thing was fixed.

Falspawn and Darker would be the same number of syllables, it is at best slightly more effortful to state the former. (Seriously, this is irrelevant to the debate of this arks-Layer translation, switch to JP Voices when this pisses you off so much, Arks-layer didn't create a dub.) why bother? If you are english minding the english version for proper translations, why not just play jp? Wow, it's almost like I would like to play with different people who do not need to play with the JP version. I completely get the wish for that, but I believe there are a couple of legitimate reasons why they may choose not to. I am the manager for the U.S. release of the Xbox version as well as the Asian launch of Pso2 meseta buy xbox one, that was released prior to the U.S. version. So I'm sort of this localization specialist. When he states"the asian release", this is not talking about this jp server, right? It's referring to the SEA server (with comically bad translations) that closed down years ago?