Features of the best budget hotels at Koh Samui

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Anyone looking for Best Accommodation in Thailand on the island of Koh Samui can search on the basis of beaches.

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Koh Samui is a picturesque island located in Southern Thailand. It is a tropical island which attracts tourists all over the world. There are many beaches around the island. The East coast of the island has the most popular beaches. There are luxury hotels and resorts located near the beaches ranging from both upscale to budget hotels. It is better to look for hotels, guest houses or resorts near the beaches for easy access without travelling throughout the island. Anyone looking for Best Accommodation in Thailand on the island of Koh Samui can search on the basis of beaches.

Popular beaches to look for hotels

Chaweng is a highly developed beach with clear water and white sand. High rated bars, restaurants and watering holes for nightlife of Koh Samui are located in Chaweng. Thus, for tourists wanting to stay close to the happening nightlife of Koh Samui and the gourmet restaurants, Chaweng is the best place to look for hotels. Chaweng beach has a plethora of upscale hotels and resorts along with budget hotels and even bungalows let out to tourists. There are budget hotels located within a few metres from the beach offering simple, clean and comfortable rooms. The mid range hotels also have direct beach access and comfortable rooms. Many such hotels even have beachside swimming pools and diverse dining options. The best luxury hotels are also located near the Chaweng beachfront. Featuring spacious rooms and suites, the luxury hotels have large outdoor pools, spas, playgrounds, gourmet dining options and a host of other facilities commonly found in upscale hotels.

Lamai beach area is the best place for anyone looking for an Affordable hotel in Koh Samui because this area is home to the largest number of budget hotels in the island. Thus, backpackers and tourists on moderate budgets mostly frequent Lamai beach. Luxurious villas located on the mountainside and overlooking the Lamai bay are also present in the area. Spacious rooms giving direct access to the beach and picturesque views of the beach are widely available in the hotels located along the beachfront. Luxury hotels featuring spas and pools are also present in the area. Lamai has a more tranquil atmosphere as compared to Chaweng. There are many small eateries in the area which offer good selection of dining options at reasonable rates. Overall, Lamai is a suitable place for tourists looking for a quiet place.

Bophut area is home to budget, mid-range and highly luxurious hotels. The rooms range from simple to modern suites. Beach views are offered by most hotels. Apart from a tranquil beach, there is also a fisherman's village having many restaurants, cafes and bars. The  cuisine offered in the restaurants include Thai, Seafood and Western.