How Do I Put Multiple Outlook Emails as PDF?

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Outlook Export Tool to directly convert multiple Outlook emails into PDF file format with all emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, journals, and etc. along with attachments.

Searching for a solution on how do I put multiple Outlook emails as PDF? If yes is your answer, then your search ends here. As, here in this blog, I will be explaining different methods to solve related query “how do I put multiple Outlook emails as PDF”. So let’s start.

Common User Queries

I am working with MS Outlook application from last 3 years and having a large amount of Outlook PST files. Now, It becomes very complicated and complex for me to handle a lots of Outlook email at once. So, for some times I just need to take rest and want to make a backup of my all Outlook mailbox to PDF format as PDF is the most secure and portable format. But the main problem is I do not know how do I put multiple Outlook emails as PDF. So, please suggest me a reliable solution that fulfil the following needs.

I need to download Outlook emails as PDF in bulk for a company requirements. I know we can manually convert emails from Outlook to PDF by installing both Adobe Reader and MS Outlook on the PC.  But, I have some different issues, my Outlook 2019 is not working properly and also I do not have so much time to go with manual solutions. If anyone has the best solution to my problem then please advise me the same.

Before starting the solution to save multiple emails from Outlook to PDF, first let’s explore the benefits of migrating the PST data file into PDF file format.

Benefits to Download Outlook Emails as PDF in Bulk

The following are some of the benefits and advantages to convert Outlook emails to PDF in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and other below edition.

  • The PDF files finest the documents in an electronic format that is independent of Hardware, Software and the Operating system.
  • Adobe PDF is a free application as compared with MS Outlook.
  • The PDF files are completely secured with protected with user and owner passwords
  • The Adobe PDF files can be compressed and shared on online easily.
  • The security settings of Adobe PDF files can be changed to prohibit unauthorized editing, printing, etc.

Solutions to Store Outlook Emails to PDF Document Format

Here are two possible solutions to implement this task are explained below section. The first one will be the Free Manual Method and the second one will be the Automated Professional PST to PDF Converter solution. Both of these solutions are explained in this blog, then users can use any one of them as per their needs.  

Solution#1. How Do I Put Multiple Outlook Emails as PDF Manually?

Follow the step-by-step working process to export Outlook emails to PDF through manual way:

  1. Download Outlook application and open on your computer PC
  2. Choose that emails which you want to save as PDF format.
  3. Go to File Click on Save As option.
  4. From Save As dialogue box, go to the location where resultant Adobe PDF file is saved and provide the name of the PDF file.
  5. Now, from Save As Type drop-down box, choose HTML hit on Save.
  6. After this, select the location where HTML file is saved.
  7. Select the file and right-click on it and then opt Open With option Open Word (desktop).
  8. From Word application, opt File option Press Save As.
  9. From Save As section, select the location where the resultant PDF is saved.
  10. From Save As Type drop-down menu, choose PDF(*.pdf) and hit on Save.
  11. Finally, convert a single PST file in PDF format. If you want to bulk convert Outlook emails, then you can repeat above mentioned steps again and again.

Solution#2. Professional Automated Solution – CubexSoft Outlook Export Tool

The above explained free method in order to download Outlook emails as PDF in bulk is only workable for few or less amount of emails but for a big size of Outlook data items, the manual solution becomes difficult and tedious. It takes a lot of time to convert emails at a time. The professional third-party tool which are available in the market make this conversion task much easier and simple. One such utility is CubexSoft Outlook Export Tool to convert multiple Outlook emails to PDF file format with all emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, etc. along with attachments.

Final Words                                                                                                

By completing my article, I would like to say that choosing PST to PDF Converter is the best option for you. This software also comes up with free demo version by which you can easily understand how do I put multiple Outlook emails as PDF within a few minutes. So, opt this software and get the safe and accurate email migration solution.