How to Open MBOX File in PDF with Manual?

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Understand how to open MBOX file in PDF file with all details of files such as Attachments, Images, Hyperlinks, etc.

Have you MBOX files and need to open them in PDF then stay on this blog that will help you to overcome from How to open MBOX file in PDF query. MBOX supports lots of mail client/ webmail apps and PDF is the most demanding document file format which is used in every field. So there may requirement of users for opening MBOX files to PDF Adobe documents. Because MBOX is mailbox file format PDF is document file format, both are absolutely different from each other so their direct migration is not probable. But a manual trick can convert MBOX files into PDF which is not a safe exact migration solution so there are also an alternative solution available for users to get complete data migration of MBOX to PDF.

As we know that MBOX is supported by lots of Webmail desktop mail clients such as – The Bat, Mac Mail, Entourage, Eudora, Thunderbird, PocoMail, Postbox, Spicebird, SeaMonkey,  Gmail, Google Takeout, Horde webmail, etc. PDF is supported by Adobe Reader which can be easily downloaded from free websites. Now we will go with the manual migration of MBOX files to PDF.

How to Open MBOX File in PDF Manually

  • First of all install Thunderbird on your system.
  • Then add ImportExportTools add-ons in it.
  • After go to Tools menu and ImportExport Tool option.
  • Then choose Import MBOX file option and browse the saving location of saved MBOX file; select them import into Thunderbird.
  • After that re-open Thunderbird and check all imported MBOX file.
  • Then select message or folder which you want to save in PDF.
  • Right click on it and choose save as PDF option.
  • Choose location whereas you want to save in PDF.

Disadvantages of Manual Trick

  • The manual trick is not useful helpful for large database migration of MBOX into PDF.
  • Sometimes, users cannot properly install Thunderbird ImportExport Tools add-ons.
  • Sometimes, it fails due to technical issues.
  • It is lengthy process for transferring files into PDF.
  • It is confusing for Non-technical users.

Alternative Solution to Open MBOX files in PDF

If you don’t want to open MBOX files into PDF manually due to its disadvantages then you can go with PCVARE MBOX to PDF Converter that is reliable utility to solve how to open MBOX file in PDF. It is complete solution to open multiple MBOX files into PDF at once. It saves all mails properties attachments of emails of MBOX into PDF Adobe Reader. The program is rapid solution for getting MBOX into PDF quickly. It also solve users’ problem about how to save MBOX files attachments into PDF without any query. It works smoothly and provides complete data migration outcome. It also provides multiple file naming options to save emails into PDF with required subject + from + date sequence. Follow the given steps to know about how it works –

  • Download launch the MBOX Converter software on your computer screen.
  • Select MBOX files by provided options.
  • Choose other desired options (convert attachments of emails as PDF File naming option).
  • Click on Convert button and choose location to save resultant files.
  • Migration starts completes with a successful message.

The alternative solution also provides free demo opportunity that allows converting 25 emails from MBOX in PDF at free of cost. Therefore, you can also try both methods for resolving how to open MBOX file in PDF Adobe Reader.