Pools and tubs could allow you to lounge in them similar to chairs

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Got it, following Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells will possess KK.Slider getting drunk, getting divorced and losing everything, eventually becoming a fist fight with his Ex's new boyfriend to get his hands smashed so badly he can no longer play guitar, and instead must resort to playing the Didgeridoo.

I am imagining Al picking up KK by his hands and clenching his fists as blood drips from between his palms.

My diabetes has cleared up.

I remember a moose or/and Grey wolf that has been a jerk, but after a while I began to like him being a jerk, and also the times he was candy were particular.

Depth of interactivity using the villagers certainly needs a boost, but the ribbon can unquestionably be taken way farther. I avoid creating massive ponds in my island by way of instance because it's only space that becomes unusable; I'd love to be able to swim in it like you can with the sea, or decorate it with pool toys, or even possess a larger map that permits you to create modest lakes that you can navigate by ship.

Also, there are a whole lot of items that are only disappointing due to how non-functional they're. You're lucky if you can even interact with an item, and often the effect is much too underwhelming(a prime example is that the canon you get out of Gulivarrr, which has a pitiful little'poof' effect in lieu of a canonball).

The arcades could have minigames. Pools and tubs could allow you to lounge in them similar to chairs. I would like to be able to really ride the teacups or even go in the phonebooth.

I love that now you can freely decorate your island/village, it is a great development for the series that I think is underappreciated by a few men and women who only seem to gripe about the sport, but it really has emphasized Buy Nook Miles Ticket exactly how shallow the game's items are.